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1978 Buffalo Bills Preseason Depth Charts

QB - Joe Ferguson (Arkansas), Ken Johnson (Colorado), Fred Besana (California)
RB - Roland Hooks (North Carolina State), Mike Franckowiack (Central Michigan), Terry Miller (Oklahoma State)*, Dennis Johnson(Mississippi State)*  
RB - Jim Braxton (West Virginia), Mike Collier (Morgan State), Curtis Brown (Missouri), Stan Winfrey (Arkansas State)  
WR - John Holland (Tennessee State), Lou Piccone (West Liberty State), John Kimbrough (St. Cloud State)
LT- Ken Jones (Arkansas State, Winston Hill (Texas Southern)
LG - Reggie McKenzie (Michigan), Bill Adams (Holy Cross)
C - Willie Parker (North Texas State), Connie Zelencik (Purdue)
RG - Joe DeLamielleure (Michigan State), Bill Adams (Holy Cross)
RT - Joe Devlin (Iowa), Ken Jones (Arkansas State), Randy Young (Iowa State)
TE - Reuben Gant (Oklahoma State), Paul Seymour (Michigan)
WR - Bob Chandler (USC), Len Willis (Ohio State), Danny Fulton (Nebraska-Omaha)*

LE - Ben Williams (Mississippi), Greg Morton (Michigan), Dee Hardison (North Carolina)*
LT - Mike Kadish (Notre Dame), John Little (Oklahoma State), Pete Lazetich (Stanford)
RT - Bill Dunstan (Utah State), John Little (Oklahoma State), Phil Olsen (Utah State)
RE - Sherman White (California), Phil Dokes (Oklahoma State), Scott Hutchinson (Florida)*
LLB - John Skorupan (Penn State), Shane Nelson (Baylor), Tom Ruud (Nebraska)
MLB- Merv Krakau (Iowa State), Greg Collins (Notre Dame)
RLB - Dan Jilek (Michigan), Bo Cornell (Washington), Lucius Sanford (Georgia Tech)*
LCB - Mario Clark (Oregon), Keith Moody (Syracuse)
SS - Doug Jones (San Fernando Valley), Steve Freeman (Mississippi State)
FS - Tony Greene (Maryland), Charles Romes (North Carolina Central)
RCB- Dwight Harrison (Texas A & I), Keith Moody (Syracuse)

K- Carson Long (Pittsburgh), Tom Dempsey (Palomar JC)
P- Marv Bateman (Utah), Rusty Jackson (LSU)

* rookie

-The Pocket Book of Pro Football 1978, published by Pocket Books, New York

QB - Joe Ferguson (Arkansas) 12, Ken Johnson (Colorado) 14
RB - Roland Hooks (North Carolina State) 25, Terry Miller (Oklahoma State)*, Dennis Johnson (Mississippi State)*
FB - Jim Braxton (West Virginia) 34,  Curtis Brown (Missouri) 47
WR - John Holland (Tennessee State) 80, John Kimbrough (St. Cloud State) 82, Lou Piccone (West Liberty State) 89
T- Ken Jones (Arkansas State) 72, Winston Hill (Texas Southern) 75
G - Reggie McKenzie (Michigan) 67, Bill Adams (Holy Cross) 60
C - Willie Parker (North Texas State) 61
G - Joe DeLamielleure (Michigan State) 68
T - Joe Devlin (Iowa) 70, Randy Young (Iowa State) 69
TE - Reuben Gant (Oklahoma State) 88, Paul Seymour (Michigan) 87
WR - Bob Chandler (USC) 81, Danny Fulton (Nebraska-Omaha)*

DE - Ben Williams (Mississippi) 77, Dee Hardison (North Carolina)*
DT - Mike Kadish (Notre Dame) 71, Phil Dokes (Oklahoma State) 85
DT - Bill Dunstan (Utah State) 76, John Little (Oklahoma State) 57
DE - Sherman White (California) 83, Scott Hutchinson (Florida)*
LB - Shane Nelson (Baylor) 59, John Skorupan (Penn State) 55
MLB- Merv Krakau (Iowa State) 52, Randy McClanahan (Louisiana-Lafayette) 54
LB - Dan Jilek (Michigan) 51, Lucius Sanford (Georgia Tech)*
CB - Mario Clark (Oregon) 29
SS - Doug Jones (San Fernando Valley) 24, Steve Freeman (Mississippi State) 22
FS - Tony Greene (Maryland) 43, Charles Romes (North Carolina Central) 26
CB- Dwight Harrison (Texas A & I) 28, Keith Moody (Syracuse) 46

K- Tom Dempsey (Palomar JC) 6, Carson Long (Pittsburgh) 5
P- Marv Bateman (Utah) 7, Rusty Jackson (LSU) 4
KR - Keith Moody (Syracuse) 46, Curtis Brown (Missouri) 47
PR - Keith Moody (Syracuse) 46, Lou Piccone (West Liberty State) 89

1978 Buffalo Bills Profile Summary
Head Coach - Chuck Knox

QB - Joe Ferguson (Arkansas) 12
RB - Roland Hooks 25 (North Carolina State) 25
RB - Jim Braxton 34 (West Virginia) 34
WR - Bob Chandler (USC) 81
WR - Frank Lewis (Grambling) 82
WR - Lou Piccone (West Liberty State) 89
TE - Reuben Gant (Oklahoma State) 88
TE - Paul Seymour (Michigan) 87
C - Willie Parker (North Texas State) 61
G - Reggie McKenzie (Michigan) 67
G - Joe DeLamielleure (Michigan State) 68

DT - Mike Kadish (Notre Dame) 71
RE - Sherman White (California) 83
DE - Dennis Johnson (Delaware) 75
MLB- Merv Krakau (Iowa State) 52
CB - Mario Clark (Oregon) 29
CB- Dwight Harrison (Texas A & I) 28
CB - Eddie McMillan (Florida State) 41
FS - Tony Greene (Maryland) 43

P- Marv Bateman (Utah) 7
KR - Lou Piccone (West Liberty State) 89
PR - Lou Piccone (West Liberty State) 89

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1978 Profile: Eddie McMillan

No. 41
Florida State
"An All-Rookie selection for the Rams in 1973, Eddie was a starter in all but four games in his three seasons in Los Angeles.
At Florida State, he began his senior year by returning the opening kickoff of the season 96 yards for a touchdown. Eddie has outstanding speed- he ran the 100-yard dash in 9.6 seconds while at Florida State."

-1978 Topps No. 244

Thursday, August 31, 2017

1978 Profile: Frank Lewis

Wide Receiver
No. 82
"Frank continues to maintain a high average-per-catch which has characterized his career. He needs 16 catches to move into the top 10 among all-time Steeler receivers.
Frank majored in recreation at Grambling."

-1978 Topps No. 431

Thursday, August 24, 2017

1978 Profile: Dennis Johnson

Defensive End
No. 75
"Dennis gained a starting assignment for the Redskins in 1975 and has been a key member of the club's defensive front since that time. He was credited with three fumble recoveries, four and a half quarterback sacks and a key interception for the Redskins in 1976.
Dennis played in the Boardwalk Bowl twice during his college career at Delaware."

-1978 Topps No. 31

Sunday, August 13, 2017

1978 Profile: Marv Bateman

No. 7
"The AFC's fourth leading punter in 1977, Marv had a 42.8 average in 1976 to lead all of pro football. That season he also had the NFL's longest kick, a 78-yard boot against the Oilers.
Marv is interesed in residential property sales."

-1978 Topps No. 286

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

1978 Profile: Dwight Harrison

No. 28
Texas A & I
"Dwight has played cornerback for five years since being shifted from wide receiver at the beginning of the 1973 season. He had a 40-yard runback of an intercepted pass in 1975.
Forestry and conservation are Dwight's career interests."

-1978 Topps No. 496

Friday, July 28, 2017

1978 Profile: Lou Piccone

Wide Receiver
No. 89
West Liberty State
"A valuable specialty teams performer in addition to being a superb wide receiver, Lou excels as a tackler on punt and kickoff return coverage. A reckless pursuer, he's usually one of the first men downfield.
Lou was a running back in college. He played minor league football in Youngstown and Bridgeport in 1972 and 1975."

-1978 Topps No. 448