Wednesday, November 26, 2014

1972 Profile: O.J. Simpson

Running Back
No. 32
"Perhaps the most heralded rookie ever, O.J. is now coming into his own as a pro. Despite inadequate blocking, he gained 742 yards to rank seventh among AFC rushers in 1971. He averaged 4.1 yards a carry and scored five touchdowns. He's also improving as a pass receiver, having 21 snares last season.
Simpson mixes rare pro breakaway speed and open-field running talents with size. He has put on a few pounds in the pros. His speed is unquestioned since he was on a world record dash relay team in college.
O.J. had a 56-yard scoring jaunt last season and also had a 95-yard kickoff return the season before. He gained 697 yards as a rookie and was off to a fine campaign in 1970 (488 yards) until sidelined with a knee injury.
A Heisman Trophy winner, Simpson was picked on most All-Time College teams when colleges celebrated the 100th anniversary in 1969. He was the first draft choice of all teams. He held out for a lucrative contract and got a whopper.
O.J. has fruitful off-season deals with Chevrolet, Royal Crown and ABC-TV. He has voiced a desire to play for a West Coast with some off-season rumors to that effect. He's married with two children."

-Jim Benagh, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1972 Edition

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