Sunday, January 11, 2015

1973 Bills Rookie Profiles

Offensive Tackle
1st Round
"The seventh man taken in the entire 1973 draft. O.J. should love him. Seymour runs the 40 in 4.8 and was a powerful tight end before moving to tackle as a senior. He upped his weight from 210 to 250 to make the conversion. Paul is the brother of pro receiver Jim Seymour.
'He could handle just about anybody one-on-one,' says his college coach Bo Schembechler.
Seymour makes furniture as a hobby."

-Jim Benagh, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1973 Edition

Defensive Tackle
2nd Round
"Lost among the many stars on Southern Cal's powerful 1972 team. In fact, he didn't even letter in 1971. But Buffalo took him high in the second round of the draft. Winans was a junior college star, where he also scored 41 points in a basketball game. He threw the shot 61 feet in high school.
Winans was one wire service's second team All-Pacific Coast a year ago but otherwise didn't get too many honors. He was second on the team with eight sacks."

-Jim Benagh, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1973 Edition

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