Tuesday, July 12, 2016

1977 Profile: Mike Kadish

Defensive Tackle
No. 71
Notre Dame
"Kadish has had seven sacks in each of the past three years, but could be even better if his linemates did their share more often. Buffalo's best defensive lineman, the Bills got him cheap in a 1973 trade with Miami for Irv Goode. Dolphins had made him their No. 1 draft choice but decided he was fat and lazy, trading him after one year- it was Miami's mistake.
Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Kadish is one of the few Notre Dame defensive linemen in recent years who hasn't been an NFL bust. Each year he leads Buffalo's defensive line in tackles and had 54 tackles and 41 assists last year."

-Rich Kucner, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1977 Edition

"Kadish was Buffalo's most consistent defensive lineman in 1976 and led the linemen in tackles despite being double teamed often. He was credited with 54 unassisted tackles and 41 assists and also had a fumble recovery. Kadish has started every game for the past two years.
He realized a lineman's dream in 1975 when he scored a touchdown against the Pittsburgh Steelers, taking a lateral from Earl Edwards and running 22 yards to the end zone. Mike led the defensive line in 1974 with 60 individual tackles and 33 assists, and also had seven quarterback sacks. The Bills sent veteran offensive lineman Irv Goode to Miami in exchange for Kadish in August 1973, and he started nine games that year and every game since. He was the top draft choice of the Dolphins in 1972 when he spent the entire campaign on the Miami taxi squad.
Mike was an All-America defensive tackle at Notre Dame. He led the Irish in tackles with 97 including eight quarterback sacks for 40 yards in losses and played in the Senior Bowl. He's an avid golfer."

-Buffalo Bills 1977 Press-Radio-TV Guide

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