Thursday, March 30, 2017

1978 Profile: Chuck Knox

"Shufflin' off to Buffalo isn't the recommended way to keep the victories rolling in. Not when you're Chuck Knox, who won five NFC West titles in five years in Los Angeles. He couldn't stand working for Rams' owner Carroll Rosenbloom, however- too much quarterback interference. Knox isn't the Hollywood type anyway.
But what, for heavens sake, can he expect in Buffalo, where Lou Saban dismantled a good team? 'I'm not a miracle worker,' said Knox. 'But hard work can make up for a lot of things. I guarantee that no coaching staff will out-work us.' Whether that is enough remains to be seen.
Born in Sewickley, Pennsylvania, Knox won't have the expert advice of Don Klosterman on scouting college talent. But Chuck is now in charge of the entire football operation in Buffalo, so all is not all lost."

-Dave Newhouse, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1978 Edition

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