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1966 Bills Offensive Line Profiles

No. 60
Michigan State
"Quarterbacks like to work over big Dave because he snaps an easy ball to handle and then quickly positions himself to afford the signal-caller blocking protection. His coach is most impressed by his agility. Defensive linemen fear working opposite big Dave."

-1966 Topps No. 18

No. 66
Georgia Tech
"If Billy Shaw thinks Tom Sestak is tough, then listen to what Houston Antwine, the wagon-lifting defensive tackle of the Boston Patriots, thinks about Shaw: 'I wouldn't want to be around if he gets much better.' Right now, Captain Billy is considered the outstanding offensive guard in his league. He's got size, 6-2, 250, but more important, he's got the speed to pull out ahead of the ball carrier on running plays, and the desire to tangle with the enormous defensive tackles he must keep off the quarterback's neck.
Shaw is beginning his sixth year with the Bills and has been an All-AFL two seasons in a row. He was an All-America at Georgia Tech."

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1966

"The big guard is a coach's dream. Billy has great speed and agility. Big No. 66 can often be seen in front of a running back cutting down would-be tacklers. He is the offensive team captain.
Billy played in the 1961 Coaches' All-American Game."

-1966 Topps No. 29

No. 50
"Al Bemiller is the swing man of the Buffalo offensive line this year. A congenital back injury may compel regular center Dave Behrman to quit the game. If so, the 6-3, 260-pound Bemiller will take his place. The switch will be no sweat for him. Al was a center on those famous Syracuse powerhouses of the late 1950's. The last couple of seasons, he has been playing right guard in order to make room for Behrman.
He's an outstanding blocker who gives the passer good protection, and is especially skilled at the finesse or 'influence' block, which takes more guile than beef."

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1966

"Highly touted as a rookie in 1961, Al has more than lived up to expectations. Exceptionally quick, Al often leads the way for sweeping backs by cutting down would-be tacklers. He is a perfectionist.
Al was an All-East selection at Syracuse."

-1966 Topps No. 19

Offensive Tackle
No. 77
Penn State
"Pro football coaches can be as indecisive as anyone else on occasion. For example, in 1961, when Stew Barber was a rookie out of Penn State, he played linebacker at 228 pounds. When he reported at a new tonnage in 1962, however, it was for a new job. The coaching staff had decided to make him an offensive tackle. So Stew stuffed himself and got up to his present 251 pounds - which is still not overweight for a tackle.
But he manages, even he's a champion worrier about his job. Still, you'll find his name on most All-AFL teams."

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1966

"The Bills were severely jolted last year when their All-Star tackle was injured. However, Stew's knee is completely healed and he is ready to resume his duties in 1966.
Originally a linebacker, Stew was the Bills' No. 4 draft choice in 1961."

-1966 Topps No. 16

Offensive Tackle
No. 79
Memphis State
"A good tackle is one that gets the jump on the opposition. Dick is extremely quick, and many times during the season has opened holes in the enemy line to allow Buffalo backs to pop through for long gains.
Dick was obtained from San Diego."

-1966 Topps No. 25

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