Monday, September 22, 2014

1968 Profile: Jack Kemp

No. 15
"Quick, now - what college did Jack Kemp attend? Chances are you didn't know it was Occidental. The reason for asking is more than academic. People don't pay much attention to Kemp. Good, bad year, he seems to get written off too quickly.
Despite the fact that he's appeared in more AFL championship games than any other quarterback (five), he had to scramble plenty to save his job last year after Tom Flores was obtained from Oakland. He retained his first-string status most of the way, though he had a subpar year due to injuries in his offensive line and a jammed thumb of his own. Jack completed 161 of 369 attempts for 2,503 yards, a 43.6 percentage and 14 touchdowns; his 26 interceptions were second highest in the league to Joe Namath.
In seven AFL seasons, two with the Chargers, he's passed for more than 19,000 yards and completed 1,264 passes. In 1965 he was unanimously named the AFL's Most Valuable Player."

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1968

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