Saturday, October 4, 2014

1968 Profile: Wray Carlton

No. 30
"There are few heavy-duty fullbacks around who live up to that description better than Wray Carlton does. The big-shouldered 6-1, 230-pounder from Duke plugs for the short yardage up the middle, he blocks for the passer, and he can catch passes. The only thing he really lacks is speed to the outside, but he makes up for this deficit with his hustle and hard work.
Last season, despite injuries which hobbled him in several games, he wound up in tenth place among the league's rushers with 467 yards on 107 carries for a 4.4 average and three touchdowns. That's been about the big fellow's pace in his seven years with the Bills, though he enjoyed his best season in '66, when he finished fifth in rushing with 696 yards, a 4.4 average and six touchdowns."

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1968

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