Tuesday, October 28, 2014

1970 Profile: Marlin Briscoe

Wide Receiver
No. 86
"Complementing Haven Moses, usually on the right side, Briscoe made a name for himself as a receiver after breaking into the starting lineup in mid-season after Bubba Thornton was injured. He finished with 32 catches for 532 yards- that's a 16.6-yard average- and scored five touchdowns.
Briscoe started as a quarterback with the Denver Broncos when he first came up from the University of Omaha. But his small size (5-10, 177 pounds) worked against him and he was tried at defensive back before being moved to wide receiver for the Bills. Now in his third year, Briscoe will finally know where he stands- or at least where he is supposed to line up- and there's little doubt that he will continue to catch on."

-Brenda and Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1970

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