Sunday, October 26, 2014

1970 Profile: O.J. Simpson

Running Back
No. 32
"All he wants to do is work more. After a creditable but not outstanding rookie season, Simpson said, 'I want to run more ... and I want to run the ball my way this year.' Despite sounding like he wants to be the coach, all Simpson means is that he would like to get the ball and run with it wherever there is room, rather than follow the more patterned instructions Coach Rauch has devised.
In addition to his rushing and pass catching duties, though, Simpson showed he could perform like the O.J. of old on the kick return team, running back 21 for a total of 529 yards. And despite his initial reluctance to play in Buffalo, O.J. is now happy to play with the Bills and anxious to instill some of his winning spirit. He's not out for personal glory. As he puts it, 'If the Bills lose, I lose. We lost together.'"

-Brenda and Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1970

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