Saturday, June 14, 2014

1963 Bill Defensive Back Profiles

No. 24
Western Illinois
"This speed merchant has been a defensive specialist virtually all his football career. Booker stepped into a regular job last year and acquitted himself well at the vital corner position.
Next to flanker Elbert Dubenion, he rates as the fastest of the Bills, with a 9.7 clocking for the 100. He used to be one of the nation's finest broad jumpers as a collegian. He has the spring and reactions to stay with any receiver in one-on-one coverage situations."

-1963 Fleer No. 30

No. 43
Michigan State
"Once Carl Charon increases his mobility by lightening his steps, he'll be extremely valuable as a safety man. The shorty (5-10) from Boyne City, Michigan has such proper body balance that can adjust rapidly to meet the many fakes and moves of potential pass receivers.
He was a running back at Michigan State until he turned to defensive work as a senior. Carl intercepted seven passes in 1962 and returned them 131 yards.
He can also do the job as a corner back."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1963

No. 20
"With good health, Billy Atkins should qualify as the best punter in the league. The booter from Millport, Alabama, who did top the circuit in 1961, came up with a shoulder injury in 1962 and was below par as kicker, punter and safety man. Billy was one of the best at intercepting passes and defending against long aerials when he was a Bill in 1960 and '61.
He had a brief trial with the 49ers before coming to the AFL."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1963

Safety-Kick Returner
No. 46
"Ray was the swing man of the Bills' secondary unit and got enough experience as a rookie to convince the Buffalo coaching staff he has a bright future as a defensive safety. He also specialized in defense at Alabama, sparkling on the 1961 national championship team.
He's a hard, sure tackler and has excellent range in pass coverage. His speed and power, as a matter of fact, had the Bills' staff contemplating a trial for him with the offensive unit."

-1963 Fleer No. 31

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