Saturday, June 14, 2014

1963 Profile: Elbert Dubenion

No. 44
"For speed from his flanking position, Elbert Dubenion stands alone. The Griffin (Georgia) antelope was tops on the team in hauling down aerials, snaring 33 for 571 yards, and made more enemies among the safety men with some additional moves he's picked up through experience. He's the breakaway runner Buffalo requires if it decides to move him to halfback.
Dubbed 'Golden Wheels' for his style of running, he can also supply a substantial block when necessary."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1963

"The Bills are waiting patiently for the day when Dubie puts it all together and leaves the rest of the AFL gawking in his jet stream. His brilliant speed makes him a scoring possibility whenever he blasts off downfield from his flanker position. If he ever gets behind the secondary, goodbye!
Elbert scored 57 touchdowns in a little college (Bluffton) career. He's been erratic but in 1961 offered a sample possibility: he scored eight touchdowns from an average of 40 yards out."

-1963 Fleer No. 26

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