Monday, June 30, 2014

1964 Profile: Lou Saban

Head Coach
"The coach, Lou Saban, begins his third season with the Bills with the hope of winning the team's first AFL Eastern Division title. Now 42, he began his AFL career as the original coach of the Boston Patriots.
Out of the University of Indiana, where he was a quarterback and fullback, he was a fierce linebacker for the NFL Cleveland Browns in their championship era. He had coaching experience at Northwestern, Western Illinois and Case Tech before coming to the AFL. With a resourceful, shrewd football mind, he's rated one of the best young brains in pro football."

-Dave Anderson, Pro Football Handbook 1964

"Some say he's much too quick at making conclusions on a player's ability, others claim his decisions are based on a thorough analysis of capabilities vs. club needs, training he had when appointed Buffalo's director of player personnel in '61.
Born in Brookfield, Illinois, he was a single-wing quarterback at Indiana and an all-league linebacker with the Cleveland Browns of the All-America Conference. In order, he's been the head pilot at Case, an assistant at the U. of Washington and was top man at Northwestern before going into the insurance business. Returning to the game, he bossed Western Illinois and then entered the AFL as Patriot head coach; released during the '61 season, he had the personnel position before replacing Buster Ramsey as coach for '62."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1964

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