Saturday, June 14, 2014

1963 Profile: Mike Stratton

No. 58
"Pro ball brings out the utmost in a player. Take Mike Stratton, who reported as a rookie offensive end in '62, as an example. Drafted as a 210-pounder, he weighed 237 in training camp and exhibited such excellent lateral movements that he was quickly made into a linebacker. Extremely fast, he sometimes outruns his own linemen into the enemy backfield. He must learn to play his position instead of the ball before qualifying among the league's superstars.
Mike was born in Yonore, Tennessee."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1963

"The folks around Knoxville remember Mike as a rangy end who liked to grab off passes, but when Mike reported to the Buffalo Bills last year he was no longer the 210 pounds of his Vol days. He weighed in at 237, all of it solid, and the best thing was none of his speed was effected.
So the Bills placed him at linebacker, and he won himself a regular job and a station on the all-league rookie team."

-1963 Fleer No. 32

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