Sunday, July 6, 2014

1964 Bills Linebacker Profiles

Middle Linebacker
No. 64
Harry is the signal-caller for the Buffalo defense and one of the hardest hitters in the pros. He played all 14 games last year and had a sack against Boston in the AFL East playoff game.
Bradley's Athlete of the Year in 1958-59, Harry has a B.S. in mechanical engineering. He's mild-mannered off the field, but don't tell that to anyone who's been hit by him on the field.

No. 58
"It was rather obvious that the Bills' short defense was not at its best during a four-game period last year when Mike Stratton had to miss action. A linebacker on the right side, the violent tackler from Vonore, Tennessee helped the runners keep their assaults to a minimum and the passers seldom bothered to test his very sharp reactions and were content to concentrate on probing other areas of the Bill defense.
He was considered an offensive end when drafted in '62 but he was too promising a defender."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1964

"The Bills were a bit worried when Mike reported to them 27 pounds over his college playing weight. The big linebacker quickly proved that he was one of the fastest big men in the Buffalo camp.
Originally an offensive end, Mike was shifted to defensive linebacker by the Bills' coaches. Those who have watched him play agree that he has the potential to become one of the game's finest."

-1964 Topps No. 39

No. 85
Texas A & M
"John won the regular job as right linebacker during the final games of the 1962 season. In 1963, he led the Bills with five interceptions.
A top college player at Texas A & M, he holds the school record for most passes caught and most yardage gained. During John's early days with the Bills, he was used as an offensive end."

-1964 Topps No. 41

No. 57
Michigan State
"Those that follow the American Football League are predicting a big season for linebacker Herb Paterra in 1964. The big defenseman could develop into one of the game's top stars.
This coming year, you can count on Herb to open up holes in opponents' defenses as he makes way for the Bills' running backs. Big, fast and strong, Herb's biggest booster is coach Lou Saban."

-1964 Topps No. 33

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