Sunday, July 6, 2014

1964 Profiles: Billy Shaw and Ken Rice

No. 66
Georgia Tech
"Another All-AFL selection, guard Billy Shaw is in only his fourth pro season. Considered one of the best players in football at pulling out of the line to lead a running play, he's a body guard for Gilchrist on many a play.
Out of Georgia Tech, he's big (at 6-3, 250) but fast and many AFL observers claim he's the equal of Jerry Kramer of the Packers, considered to be the NFL's best guard. He figures to be an anchorman of the Bills' offense for the next decade."

-Dave Anderson, Pro Football Handbook 1964

"King of all the AFL guards is Billy Shaw, the Natchez nugget who is the most pulverizing of pullers coming out of the line. Opposing tackles and ends are aware of his quick and explosive blocking techniques and admit that he doesn't stop after making just one block.
The Bill captain was one of the most feared at Georgia Tech as an all-time Engineer on defense and offense. A second All-AFL choice in '62, he was a unanimous selection last season, one in which he was considered to be approaching the vast potential his coaches claim he has in abundance."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1964

"Billy will be a welcome addition to the Buffalo Bills' offensive unit in 1964. During his playing days in college, he demonstrated his effectiveness by continually harassing opposing quarterbacks.
Fast and highly mobile, Billy has the agility to make him one of the real greats in the American Football League. This big guard is also a top blocker."

-1964 Topps No. 38

No. 75
"Following his brilliant collegiate career with Auburn, Ken Rice was the Buffalo Bills' No. 1 draft pick. In his rookie season in the American Football League, the defensive end won quite a reputation for himself with his strong, aggressive play. A knee injury hampered Ken during the 1962 campaign.
Because of Ken's exceptional speed, coaches may shift this dynamo to guard."

-1964 Topps No. 34

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