Sunday, July 6, 2014

1964 Profile: Jack Kemp

No. 15
"Anxious to restore himself to the status of a championship quarterback, Jack Kemp begins his second full season with the Bills.
He's considered a strong, accurate passer. He was the third-ranking AFL passer last season with 194 completions in 384 attempts and 20 touchdowns.
He came to the Bills early in the 1962 season after the Chargers put him on the disabled list. The Bills snapped him up on a waiver technicality.
Out of Occidental College, he led the Chargers to the Western title in both 1960 and 1961."

-Dave Anderson, Pro Football Handbook 1964

"For a fellow who was third-best at his trade of passing in 1963, the season was not particularly bright for Jackie Kemp despite his second-team AFL rating at quarterback. Perhaps too much had been expected of a fellow who'd been All-AFL two years and was the top passer in 1960 with the Chargers. A damaged finger on his throwing hand caused him to miss eight games in '62 after he was traded to Buffalo.
Born in Los Angeles, he's a newspaper columnist and public relations representative between seasons.
Considered to have the strongest throwing arm of all passers, he hit 194 times in 384 attempts for 2,914 yards last year, being outgained only by George Blanda."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1964

"Jack was a star quarterback with the San Diego Chargers before he joined the Bills. With the Chargers, he completed 376 of 770 passe. In 1960, Jack led the American Football League with 211 complete passes and 20 touchdowns.
Last year, his first full season with the Bills, Jack gained 2,914 yards through the airways."

-1964 Topps No. 30

"Jack finished third in the quarterback standings in the AFL last year. He threw 194 completions, 20 touchdown passes and gained 2,914 yards through the air."

-1964 Topps No. 43

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