Sunday, July 6, 2014

1964 Profile: Elbert Dubenion

No. 44
"Clever, consistent, regarded as perhaps the swiftest pass catcher in the AFL, Elbert Dubenion continues to improve his techniques. He caught 55 passes last season for 974 yards and nine touchdowns, not including a 93-yard touchdown pass play in the Eastern Division playoff game with the Patriots.
Out of Bluffton College, he's starting his fifth season. In 1962 he was top Bill pass catcher with 33 for 571 yards in an attack which relied mostly on the ground game."

-Dave Anderson, Pro Football Handbook 1964

"Old 'Golden Wheels' Elbert Dubenion had his finest year as a flanker and set a personal high as a pass receiver by taking 55 passes for a club-leading total of 974 yards. His presence in the lineup relieved some of the season-long pressure on Cookie Gilchrist because no opponent could afford to draw in its defenses with Elbert spreading out to the side.
Born in Griffin, Georgia, he has enough speed to panic defenders and he's also rather effective as a blocker when plays are sent around his flank.
In college he scored an incredible total of 57 touchdowns."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1964

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