Sunday, July 6, 2014

1964 Profile: Daryle Lamonica

No. 12
Notre Dame
"Ready to take over at quarterback on a moment's notice, Daryle Lamonica starts his second AFL season. As a rookie, he completed 33 of 71 passes for three touchdowns as a solid backup man for Kemp last season.
Out of Notre Dame, he's a pureblood AFL player who spurned the NFL to sign with the Bills. His performance in training camp a year ago prompted the Bills to carry him ahead of veteran Warren Rabb. He looms as a solid pro quarterback for the Bills for years to come."

-Dave Anderson, Pro Football Handbook 1964

"More action is planned for Daryle Lamonica this season. The flinger from Fresno, California, a '63 rookie who passed up a Green Bay offer, was the No. 2 quarterback and an able replacement for Jackie Kemp. He connected on 33 of 71 for 437 yards and had four forwards intercepted.
His arm is so strong that he can throw 40-yarders on a line. Not the scrambler that Kemp is, he prefers to get rid of the ball instead of taking a chance, although he does have the speed and poise to do well as a ball carrier."

-Don Schiffer, Pro Football 1964

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