Friday, December 12, 2014

1972 Bill Rookie Profiles

Defensive End
1st Round
Notre Dame
"The first man taken in the entire draft, he has superstar potential. 21 years old, Patulski is expected to bump veteran Cal Snowden out of a job on the right side of the line. A great college player, he's from Liverpool, New York, not too far from Buffalo. That fact, plus his Polish ancestry, could make him a big star in Buffalo if he can cut it in the pros. Walt is a team player who prides himself on his clean play.
Patulski went to Notre Dame as a fullback prospect and still harbors a desire to carry the ball. He was a prep All-America as a back, and made the nation's all-sophomore team in college and was a consensus All-America as a senior. Walt co-captained the Irish. He wants to go to law school."

-Jim Benagh, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1972 Edition

2nd Round
Like Patulski, he has a background as a winner- McKenzie played for two Rose Bowl teams. He can really move. Reggie may have to put on weight but his speed is so good, he can sacrifice some of it.
'Most people projected Reggie in the first round,' says Saban. 'Top line prospects are difficult to come by and McKenzie certainly has the tools.' The Bills got him at the top of the second round. He made a name for himself blocking for record breaking Billy Taylor but in the end it was Reggie who made All-America.
McKenzie is best at blocking for the run; his weakness for pass blocking is credited to inexperience. He is a potential first-year starter on the right side.
He's from Detroit."

-Jim Benagh, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1972 Edition

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