Wednesday, December 31, 2014

1973 Profile: J.D. Hill

Wide Receiver
No. 40
Arizona State
"Hill came into the NFL as a flashy collegian who caught 115 passes for 1,886 yards and 21 touchdowns. He felt pro ball was going to a breeze. It wasn't.
'Catching the ball and running with it is no problem,' he says. 'But running a pass pattern is self-discipline.' J.D. didn't get to play until the ninth game of 1971. His first catch wasn't noteworthy but his next two were for touchdowns. He's been a solid star ever since.
In 1972 Hill caught 52 passes, fourth best in the AFC, and scored five touchdowns. His percentage of 14.5 was impressive, too. J.D. made four catches and six crackback blocks as the Bills beat Philadelphia.
'I came to the pros thinking it would be easy,' he says, looking back. 'But the best wide receivers have been playing five, six, seven, eight years.'"

-Jim Benagh, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1973 Edition

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