Tuesday, December 23, 2014

1973 Profile: Dennis Shaw

No. 16
San Diego State
"Some good, some bad came out of the 1972 season for Shaw. He predicted a possible 10-win season for the Bills and they didn't quite make half of that, but he had a better year than 1971. That year, he recalls, 'I was frustrated with myself, the coaching staff, the Bills organization, everything. What do you expect in a 1-13 season?' He lost 26 passes to the opposition on intercepts in 1971; he cut that down to 17 last season.
Shaw threw fewer passes than ever in 1972 (only 258) but hit on 52.7% and tossed for 14 scores. He had three coaches in his first three years with the Bills and blames that for some of his problems. He wore contact lens for the first time in '72; he doesn't like to see reporters, though.
'I don't like interviews,' he says. 'There are some things the public isn't entitled to know.' Interceptions might be one of those things.
Dennis is a Kansas farm boy."

-Jim Benagh, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1973 Edition

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