Sunday, December 28, 2014

1973 Profile: Walt Patulski

Defensive End
No. 85
Notre Dame
"Patulski was the No. 1 choice in the entire football draft a year ago. He enhanced his image during his first season in the pros but he wasn't that impressed with the way the pros play.
'The whole organization of pro football is cold,' he says. 'Everybody goes their own way. I've developed into a loner.' He did keep a few opposing quarterbacks company, though. But there, too, he has a slight problem. Like the day he had to think first before forcing himself to clobber Johnny Unitas, an old hero of his.
'I'm placid in a game. I don't loaf but I play too easy, too unemotional.' The Bills figure they are getting pretty good feedback, though, from their $150,000-a-year star. He signed a three-year contract."

-Jim Benagh, The Complete Handbook of Pro Football, 1973 Edition

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