Wednesday, August 13, 2014

1965 Profile: Wray Carlton

No. 30
"At 220 pounds, Wray Carlton is one of the biggest halfbacks in football, and he perfectly rounds out the Bills' 'Elephant Backfield.'
Wray comes off a disappointing season in 1964 in which he missed all but the last three games through injury. He returned just in time, however, to gain 114 important rushing yards and supply vital blocking muscle ahead of Cookie Gilchrist.
Carlton, a seven-year veteran in the pros, is not a fast man but he picks his holes well, drives hard and is rated a better-than-average pass receiver."

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1965

"Wray was back in action late last year, much to his opposition's dismay, after being sidelined due to injuries in 1963
As a rookie with the Bills in 1960, No. 30 was the club's leading ball carrier. Wray led the Bills with 18 carries in the 1964 championship game.
With a good pair of hands, Wray is one of the top receivers in the AFL."

-1965 Topps No. 26

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