Friday, August 29, 2014

1966 Profiles: Tom Sestak and Jim Dunaway

Defensive Tackle
No. 70
McNeese State
"Tough as it may be for anyone in the NFL to admit, Tom Sestak is very probably the best defensive tackle in professional football. Tom stands 6-4 and weighs 270 pounds. Big? Sure. But not overwhelming by pro standards. What makes him stand out, though, is his astonishing strength and his speed in pursuing a play.
He was drafted 17th out of McNeese State in 1962 and has been an All-AFL selection the last three years. Buffalo teammate Billy Shaw claims Tom has helped make him an all-star.
'When you play against Tom in practice every day,' Shaw explains, rubbing his bruises, 'you either improve or retire.'"

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1966

"Virtually unknown as a 17th round draft choice, Tom was AFL Rookie of the Year in 1962. He is today is regarded as the best defensive lineman in the AFL. Determination, drive and second effort is this young man's key to success."

-1966 Topps No. 28

Defensive Tackle
No. 78
"Can a fat boy make his way in pro football? The answer is yes if he weighs in within reason. Ask Jim Dunaway, the 6-4, 279-pound defensive tackle of the Bills. Jim, an All-America at Ole Miss, could easily slide up the scale to 300 pounds, but it would deprive him of some of the mobility that makes him so effective. He and Tom Sestak are an impossible twosome when they rush a quarterback full blast.
In 1962, the Bills made Jim their No. 2 draft pick and outbid the Minnesota Vikings for him."

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1966

"Improving every year, Jim is one of the hardest tacklers in professional football. The Buffalo line is one of the hardest to run against. With Jim teamed up with Tom Sestak, the Bills feel they have the best tackles in pro football.
Jim was a unanimous All-American at Mississippi."

-1966 Topps No. 24

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