Friday, August 8, 2014

1965 Profiles: Glenn Bass and Ernie Warlick

Split End
No. 85
East Carolina
"A natural-born athlete, Glenn turned down bids by major league scouts, to sign a football contract instead.
Originally drafted by the San Diego Chargers, the speedster signed with the Bills as a free agent in 1961. As a rookie, Glenn caught 50 passes for Buffalo. He played as a running back for Buffalo in 1963."

-1965 Topps No. 24

Tight End
No. 84
North Carolina College
"Some Buffalo fans worry that Ernie Warlick may be wearing thin at age 33. This 6-4, 235-pound blocking end has played eight pro seasons, five in Canada and the last three in Buffalo.
As a tight end, Ernie's main job is knocking people down, but he's surprisingly good at catching passes with his enormous hands. Last year he caught 23 passes for 478 yards - that's 20.5 yards per catch, which is excellent for a tight end.
Ernie was an All-Star in Canada and has been close to it in the AFL."

-Jack Zanger, Pro Football 1965

"Nicknamed 'Big Hoss' because he can really gallop after those long passes, Ernie has a fine pair of hands.
After playing for North Carolina, Ernie spent some time in the Canadian Football League. Sought after by three AFL clubs, Ernie elected to sign with the Bills. He led Buffalo when he caught 35 passes in 1962."

-1965 Topps No. 44

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