Monday, August 11, 2014

1965 Bills Linebacker Profiles

Middle Linebacker
No. 64
"This powerful linebacker is in his second year with the Buffalo Bills. The Bills purchased Harry from the Boston Patriots in 1963 where he was named the 'baby-faced assassin' by the Boston sportswriters. Harry did a topnotch job as the middle linebacker, a position left vacant when Archie Matsos was dealt to the Oakland Raiders.
Harry was named Athlete of the Year at Bradley."

-1965 Topps No. 32

No. 58
"Buffalo's Mike Stratton is a young man on his way to stardom. The smartest thing the Bills ever did was to switch Stratton, who was drafted as an offensive end, to a linebacker spot.
In two short years, he has built up a reputation as a vicious tackler- to which San Diego's Keith Lincoln will readily attest. It was Mike who separated Lincoln's ribs in the 1964 championship game and turned the complexion of the contest around.
And it was Stratton who kept popping up all over the place whenever the Bills needed a big play last season. Take Thanksgiving Day in San Diego as an example. The Chargers were leading by 10 points in the last quarter when Stratton tackled quarterback John Hadl for a safety. Then, with a minute left to play and the score tied, Stratton intercepted the pass that set up the winning field goal.
Mike, just 24, stands 6-3, weighs 240 and is still growing- which has the Bills worried. He might get too big. Then he'd have to settle for being one of the best defensive linemen, instead of one of the best linebackers, in the game."

-Sports All-Stars/1965 Pro Football

"Regarded as one of the game's finest linebackers, Mike is sure to improve in 1965. This powerful player is a tough man to elude once he's set his sights on his next victim. Mike spearheads the red-dogging assault of the Bills.
Originally drafted from Tennessee as an offensive end, Mike made the switch to linebacker as a result of coach Lou Saban's suggestion.
Mike spends his spare time fishing."

-1965 Topps No. 42

No. 51
Texas A & M
"The defensive captain of the Buffalo Bills, John joined the club early in 1962. Shortly thereafter, he won a regular job on the team as left linebacker. A double-threat veteran, John can also play as an offensive end.
John holds the Texas A & M record for most passes caught and most yardage gained.
John's hobby is photography."

-1965 Topps No. 43

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