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1960 Buffalo Bills Profiles

Head Coach
"Buster, a former All-American guard at William and Mary, played professionally in the National Football League from 1946-50. He was honored in making the All-Pro team in 1947, '48 and '49.
His coaching career started in 1951 as an assistant coach with the Chicago Cardinals. From there he became defensive coach of the Detroit Lions in 1952 and remained there through 1959. During Ramsey's tenure, the Lions won three world championships and a division championship ... developing such outstanding defensive stars as Jim David, Jack Christiansen, Yale Lary and Joe Schmidt.
With a colorful and coaching background, Ramsey brings to the Buffalo Bills all the necessary tools to produce a fine team."

-1960 Fleer No. 92

No. 14
"One of the all-time outstanding stars at the University of Illinois, Tommy holds 15 of 16 Illinois passing records including most yards gained in a season, 1,761, and in one game, 308.
Following graduation, he played for the Chicago Bears, Bolling Air Force Base and the Cleveland Browns, where he led the NFL in passing in 1957. In 1958, he returned to Illinois as assistant coach, and in 1959 was head coach at Drake University."

-1960 Fleer No. 19

No. 28
"Willie was the leading ground gainer for the Bulls for two years, contributing materially to their outstanding 1958 season in which they won eight out of nine games. The season also brought them the Lambert Cup for small colleges as well as victories over Harvard and Columbia.
Graduating in 1960, Willie's speed and power will make him a valuable addition to the Bills' backfield."

-1960 Fleer No. 65

No. 11
Penn State
"Penn State coach Rip Engle says of Richie, 'Lucas is the greatest player I have ever seen,' and he has earned this fine tribute. He broke practically every record at Penn State, excelling in passing, running, defensive play, punting, [and was] an all-around outstanding quarterback.
As a result of his 1959 season, Richie appeared on practically everybody's All-America first team selection, and it is no wonder he was the most sought after college player in the country."

-1960 Fleer No. 96

No. 38
The bruising 230-pound fullback was Cleveland's starter for three years before losing his job to a rookie named Jim Brown. Maurice hopes for a new lease on life in the American Football League.
As a rookie for the 1954 NFL champions, Maurice rushed 144 times for 588 yards (a 4.1 average) with 20 receptions for 205 yards receiving (a 10.3 average). For Cleveland's 1955 champions, he returned seven kicks 151 yards (a 21.6 average).

No. 44
"During his years at Bluffton, Dubenion led them to 20 wins in 24 games without a loss in their league, the Mid-Ohio Intercollegiate. He is extremely fast, running the 100-yard dash in 9.8 seconds which accounts for his scoring 53 touchdowns and gaining nearly three miles from scrimmage during his college career. He was named the first-string halfback on the UPI All-Ohio squad and Williamson's All-America."

-1960 Fleer No. 17

No. 81
American International
"Tom gained many honors at American International; among them Little All-America and All-New England in 1957. In 1958, he was selected to play with the College All-Stars against the Detroit Lions. In his 1956 season, he led the nation in pass receptions with a total of 40.
After graduation, he joined the Detroit Lions of the NFL in 1957, spent the balance of that year in the service and returned to Detroit for the 1958 season."

-1960 Fleer No. 85

No. 84
Sacramento State
This rookie out of Sacramento State is sure to bolster the Bills' receiving corps. His speed, skilled hands and ability to outmaneuver defensive backs downfield has already impressed Buffalo coaches.

No. 52
"'Dangerous Dan McGrew' on the football field is everything his nickname brings to mind ... strong, rugged, aggressive and certainly dangerous to the opposing team. Dan played his college football as a stalwart in the center of the line for the Boilermakers of Purdue.
He was drafted by the Cleveland Browns of the National Football League and played part of last year's season in Canada."

-1960 Fleer No. 3

No. 66
"A man to reckon with in the middle of the Bills' line will be Gary Cobb.
A tough man to take out of a play, offensively and defensively, Gary was twice named to the All-Mid American Conference team, once as a center and once as a guard. He was also named as an All-Ohio guard for the 1959 season."

-1960 Fleer No. 37

No. 70
Iowa State
Whether blocking for the run or the pass, this promising rookie from Iowa State is being counted on to be an important building block for Buffalo's offensive line. Born in Canton, Ohio, Chuck played his high school football in West Des Moines, Iowa.

Offensive Tackle
No. 78
"The outstanding lineman for the National Champion Syracuse Orangemen, Gene is known for his rugged offensive and defensive play. Buffalo coach Buster Ramsey says he is the finest physical specimen he has ever seen and has a chance of becoming an all-time great in pro football.
Gene's potential is indicated by the fact that six pro clubs tried to sign him, three in the American League, two in the National and Ottawa of the Canadian League."

-1960 Fleer No. 79

Offensive Tackle
No. 74
Coach Ramsey looks to this large and highly regarded rookie from Clemson to fortify the Buffalo offensive line. Scouts speak highly of the protection the 250-pound youngster provided for Tiger quarterbacks.

Defensive Tackle
No. 73
Chuck is almost impossible to move from his position, yet can pursue to the side with surprising speed. A Little All-American at Whittier, he is arguably the strongest man in the American Football League.

Defensive Tackle
No. 79
Texas Southern
Scouts highly praise Jim's ability to use his 6'4" and 285 pounds to anchor a defensive line. Coach Ramsey sees this young man as a building block of Buffalo's defense.

Defensive End
No. 87
Team captain at Nebraska, LaVerne was All-Big Eight two years and an All-American and the Cornhuskers' MVP as a senior. After being drafted by Cleveland, he was drafted by Uncle Sam and released by the Browns after his military service.
A leader by example, LaVerne inspires his teammates with his devastation of opposing blockers.

Defensive End
No. 71
A powerful tackler and mobile pass rusher, Mack earned All-Mid-American honors in college as an offensive tackle and defensive end. Also skilled as a kicker, his field goal won a 1959 CFL playoff game for Ottawa.
Coach Ramsey is confident this underrated defensive end will achieve acclaim in the new league.

Middle Linebacker
No. 51
"Sam is one of the hardest tacklers in the game, and coaches and scouts insist he could make any team in the country. He is extremely fast, mobile and smart.
He was co-captain of the Buffalo Bulls and was selected for Little All-America as a junior in 1958. He also participated in track while at Buffalo U. as a discus thrower and shot putter."

-1960 Fleer No. 57

No. 58
"Ray made a name for himself for the Volunteers of Tennessee as a center. He was known for his speed and coordination, which made him an excellent ball snapper and blocker. However, these assets also contributed to his defensive skills which were outstanding and led to his being signed by the Buffalo Bills as a linebacker.
In 1959, he was named to the All-Southeastern Conference team."

-1960 Fleer No. 44

No. 67
"An outstanding tackle for the Volunteers of Tennessee and their captain in 1959, Joe is known as a strong, rugged, aggressive competitor with an inspirational desire to play and win. In 1959 he was selected for the All-Southeastern Conference team.
Joe should be an exceptional asset in the Bills' line, both offensively and defensively."

-1960 Fleer No. 105

Defensive Halfback-Kicker
No. 20
"Bill was one of the first players signed by the Buffalo Bills and will be responsible for one of the most important assignments in pro football, the defensive halfback position.
He was the star defensive halfback for two years with the San Francisco 49ers. Bill played previously for Auburn and was named to the All-Southeastern Conference team. He was also selected for All-America."

-1960 Fleer No. 24

Defensive Halfback
No. 24
"Lettering four years at Mississippi, Billy played with the Rebels in the Sugar Bowl in '53 and in the Cotton Bowl in '56. Following college, he was the 2nd draft choice of the Cleveland Browns in 1956 and was a standout defensive halfback for them as well as later for the Green Bay Packers.
Billy is the brother of George and the famous Bruiser Kinard, both pro football stars."

-1960 Fleer No. 51

No. 45
Richie brings four years of valuable pro experience to the Buffalo defense. His gift for anticipating opposing plays was apparent in his rookie season as he played every game at safety. That year he made three interceptions, including one returned 25 yards, and returned a recovered fumble 76 yards for a touchdown.

No. 22
Idaho State
Along with his gridiron accomplishments as a collegian, Jim set a Rocky Mountain Conference pole vault record. As a pro rookie, he was a promising part of Coach Ramsey's outstanding defense in Detroit until sidelined by an injury. Reunited with his mentor, Jim will anchor the Buffalo backfield at his safety position.
Jim is an off-season teacher who enjoys hunting and fishing.

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