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Other 1961 Bill Profiles

No. 45
"Richie has the greatest top-level experience in the league. The 27-year-old Pittsburgher, one of the lightest men in football at 168, played five years in the NFL with the Steelers and the Redskins. As a kid he was a water boy for the Steelers, and owner Art Rooney remembered this when Richie finished his schooling at Pitt. Normally introverted, he talks constantly to his opponents during the game to divert them from concentrating on pass catching."

-Murray Olderman, Sports All-Stars 1961 Pro Football

"As a kid around Pittsburgh, McCabe used to carry the water bucket for the Steelers, so it was only natural he should wind up as one of their defensive halfbacks when he finished his football career at Pitt. He also played with the Redskins in his five-year tenure in the NFL.
Still young and spry at 27, Richie is the studious type, slim and bespectacled (off the field), with a gift for diagnosing opposition plays. He's a teacher in the off-season."

-Murray Olderman, All-Pro 1961 Football

No. 22
Idaho State
"Jim Wagstaff's previous exposure to coach Buster Ramsey got him a job with Buffalo. He went to Idaho State, where his finest achievement was breaking the Rocky Moutain Conference pole vault record; he topped 14 feet consistently. The leaping ability impressed the Detroit Lions, who had reached into the Rockies for such other great defenders as Jack Christiansen and Jim David, and they drafted him in 1958.
An injury spoiled his rookie season and in 1959 he was shipped to the Cardinals- just for decoration, it turned out. He became a free agent last fall after the Bills were in camp. Ramsey remembered the kid from Idaho with steel springs in his legs and picked him up. Among the rewards for the Bills was a 38-yard touchdown jaunt with a stolen pass that broke a second quarter tie with the Patriots and sparked Buffalo to a win in their December meeting.
Jim teaches school back home in Idaho to help support his growing family- three little ones. He also goes in strong for hunting and fishing in the Rockies."

-Murray Olderman, Sports All-Stars 1961 Pro Football

No. 18
"None of the '61 rookie hopefuls at the Bills' training camp carried quarterback credentials, enough evidence to tab veteran Johnny Green as No. 1 at the T job. The 24-year-old Riviera Beach (California) rifle came from the Steelers early in '60 and went on to top all Bill aerialists, tossing 10 TD bombs and gaining 228 yards."

-1961 Pro Football Handbook

No. 43
"Keeping busy fielding punts and kickoffs in '60 was Joe Kulbacki, team leader in both departments. The 23-year-old Irvine (Pennsylvania) speedster gained 226 yards with 13 kickoffs and added 100 yards with 12 punts, many of which of which he refused to play 'safe' with a fair catch signal.
An all-purpose performer, Joe can also turn in a a dependable defensive job."

-1961 Pro Football Handbook

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