Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1961 Profile: LaVerne Torczon

Defensive End
No. 87
"Few will argue about calling LaVerne Torczon, the Platte Center (Nebraska) bone-crusher, one of the AFL's superior defensive ends. Now 25, he lost his NFL shot with the Browns when called into service after gaining an All-America berth in '56. A unanimous All-AFL end selection, his crashing style dissolved many blocks.
The Bills' captain, his spirit generates throughout the squad."

-1961 Pro Football Handbook

"The ends playing alongside these behemoths at defensive tackle are generally more modest in scale. They're like LaVerne Torczon, the captain and field leader of the Bills, a mere snip of a 240-pounder who was all-league last season. He's with the Bills because general manager Dick Gallagher remembered him from a trial with the Cleveland Browns (where Gallagher was a coach) four years ago. Torczon was a 210-pounder then and a linebacker. He had played center, guard and tackle for Nebraska, although he never played organized football until he went to college. The 25-year-old school teacher from Platte Center, Nebraska didn't make the Browns, but they admit they could use him at defensive end right now."

-Murray Olderman, Sports All-Stars 1961 Pro Football

"Opposing backs avoided this defensive bulwark's end as much as possible. Torczon is adept at spilling interference.
He was chosen on the AFL's first All-Star team."

-1961 Topps No. 157

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