Wednesday, May 21, 2014

1961 Profile: Chuck McMurtry

Defensive Tackle
No. 73
"Among defensive AFL tackles, few had the range, speed and perseverance of Chuck McMurtry, an All-League selection. This 310-pounder out of Whittier, California climbed all over interior linemen, stymied running attacks and was unpopular with forward passers. Twenty-three-year-old Chuck never let up during the season and figures to be as menacing in '61."

-1961 Pro Football Handbook

"When Buffalo's Chuck McMurtry develops Bud McFadin's competitive edge, he'll be in the same class. Chuck is the heftiest man in the game, almost impossible to move. He came into camp last year weighing 315 pounds, but coach Ramsey boiled him down to a playable 290 and he was the pleasantest surprise of the season. He hits hard- harder than necessary some foes complain. What the Bills didn't expect was his ability to move.
Chuck had played at little Whittier College and made the East-West Game, but he was still pretty much of an unknown quality (or quantity). In his early stages with Buffalo, the inexperience of the 22-year-old Giant was transparent. He could be trapped and knocked off his pins- you didn't dare challenge him head-on. But he came fast as the season progressed."

-Murray Olderman, Sports All-Stars 1961 Pro Football

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