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1962 Bill Quarterback Profiles

No. 15
"Unwanted by the Steelers, Giants and 49ers, Jack Kemp found a satisfactory haven with the Chargers in 1960 and showed his appreciation by gaining the AFL's passing championship. He was No. 3 in 1961, gaining 2,686 yards, second to George Blanda, the record-maker.
Now 27, Jack throws harder than any pro quarterback and he must have sure-fingered receivers for maximum success."'

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

"After brief stays with the Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants, and the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League, Jack hit it big with the Chargers.
One of the hardest throwing quarterbacks in pro football, Kemp completed 165 passes in 364 attempts for 2,686 yards, ranking third among AFL passers. In addition, he connected on a 91-yard pass play against Denver, the longest gain of the season by any AFL club.
He was the All-AFL quarterback in 1960 but ranked second in the balloting to George Blanda of Houston last year."

-1962 Fleer No. 79

No. 18
"Green shared the quarterbacking assignment last year, completing 56 of 126 passes, good for 903 yards. Although his touchdown aerials dipped from 10 in 1960 to only six last year, he was the toughest quarterback in the league to intercept. Only four of his passes were stolen, an excellent .039 percentage.
The veteran from Riviera Beach, California came from the Steelers in 1960. He broke into pro ball with the Toronto Argonauts."

-1962 Fleer No. 13

No. 12
Michigan State
"Master of the rollout and the AFL's finest rushing quarterback is Al Dorow, the 31-year-old sharpshooter who knows his way around the course. He was the most active of running T-men in 1961, galloping 54 times for 317 yards, a per carry average of 5.9, more than a yard better than any of the top ten rushers. He was also the most overworked passer in the AFL, tossing 438 forwards and getting the most completions (197), totaling 2,651 yards.
Out of Alameda, California, he was exposed to six NFL (Redskins, Eagles) seasons."

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

"Dorow's ability to run, coupled with his great passing arm, has made him one of the most dangerous threats in pro football. His masterly executed roll-outs have caused no end of aggravation for opposing defense men. His field generalship ranks him as the league's top signal caller.
He finished fourth among AFL passers last year, completing 197 of 438 passes for 2,651 yards."

-1962 Fleer No. 57

No. 17
"Because he can think and throw so well, Warren Rabb enters the 1962 campaign as Buffalo's No. 1 quarterback. Appearing in only six games as a 1961 rookie, he saw less work than either M.C. Reynolds or Johnny Green but his training camp form has been excellent and he's the best bet for the future.
Considered a powerful runner who can avoid opposition red-dogging, he's a brilliant threat as a pass option performer and fits in with the club's rollout patterns."

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

"Warren is completely recovered from injuries suffered in a game with Dallas last November 12 that cost the Bills his services for the remainder of the season. He sustained the shoulder separation and a torn rib cage when he was belted out of bounds during a 2-point after touchdown try.
Up to his injury, Warren completed 34 of 74 passes for 586 yards and five touchdowns, a completion average of 46%. More important, he had but two passes intercepted.
Warren joined the Bills from the Lions, with whom he had signed in 1960."

-1962 Fleer No. 22

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