Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1962 Profile: Elbert Dubenion

No. 44
"The flash with the 'golden wheels' is Elbert Dubenion, the Griffin (Georgia) galloper whom many claim is the fastest of all halfback-receivers. He averaged 40 yards with his eight TDs in 1961, and might have tallied more if he had run 'more intelligently.' He must gain experience in cutting and committing himself.
Elbert averaged 10 yards per rush, gained 461 yards as a receiver and 329 as a kickoff returner."

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

"Elbert Dubenion was a bright spot in Buffalo's offense last year. The flanker back the Bills have tabbed as 'the fastest in pro football' scored six touchdowns on pass receptions, grabbing 31 aerials for 461 yards. Nearly all of his touchdowns came on long runs, his longest being a 72-yarder on a pass play.
When the Bluffton Express was busy as a ball carrier he was hard to stop. In 17 rushes he picked up 173 yards for a 10.2 average, the best in the league."

-1962 Fleer No. 14

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