Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Other 1962 Bill Profiles

No. 46
"Only a torn knee ligament prevented Fred Brown, the Atlanta antelope, from pacing all Bill runners in 1961. A slashing smasher who moves off and inside tackle with the power of a fullback, he wheeled for 192 yards on 53 carries and also turned in the longest kickoff return (93 yards) of the year.
He's considered the best running back from the U. of Georgia since Charlie Trippi."

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

Offensive Tackle
No. 75
"As a newcomer, Ken Rice of the Buffalo Bills took his place among the fine tackles in pro football. And he'll get better."

-Murray Olderman, All-Pro 1962 Football

No. 15
"Unwanted by the Steelers, Giants and 49ers, Jack Kemp found a satisfactory haven with the Chargers in 1960 and showed his appreciation by gaining the AFL's passing championship. He was No. 3 in 1961, gaining 2,686 yards, second to George Blanda, the record-maker.
Now 27, Jack throws harder than any pro quarterback and he must have sure-fingered receivers for maximum success."'

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

No. 12
Michigan State
"Master of the rollout and the AFL's finest rushing quarterback is Al Dorow, the 31-year-old sharpshooter who knows his way around the course. He was the most active of running T-men in 1961, galloping 54 times for 317 yards, a per carry average of 5.9, more than a yard better than any of the top ten rushers. He was also the most overworked passer in the AFL, tossing 438 forwards and getting the most completions (197), totaling 2,651 yards.
Out of Altameda, California, he was exposed to six NFL (Redskins, Eagles) seasons."

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

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