Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1962 Profiles: Chuck McMurtry and Sid Youngelman

Defensive Tackle
No. 73
"The strongest of all in the AFL is presumed to be Chuck McMurtry, the All-Pro defensive tackle who dropped below 300 pounds and stepped up the quality of his play. Impossible to budge head-on, he's constantly scrapping with two blockers and rarely comes out a loser. He can pursue to the side with surprising speed.
Born in Chaneller, Oklahoma, he was a Little All-American at Whittier College."

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

Defensive Tackle
No. 76
"Still scrambling with the enthusiasm of a rookie is ponderous Sid Youngelman, 30, who found a new career with the Titans. Considered a relief man after service with the 49ers, Eagles and Browns, his experience went a long way toward making him one of the AFL's most destructive defenders at tackle and end. The Brooklyn-born battler makes the middle of the New York wall a formidable barrier."

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

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