Tuesday, May 27, 2014

1962 Profile: Art Baker

No. 33
"Those who are paid tackle him claim Art Baker runs harder than any other AFL fullback. Added determination can make him a standout and improve on his 1961 per carry average of 3.3. Born in Erie, Pennsylvania, he was a powerful line smasher at Syracuse and was also immovable on defense, being drafted No. 1 by the Eagles, who desired him for their defensive platoon.
Art went on the wrestling circuit after the '61 season."

-Don Schiffer, 1962 Pro Football Handbook

"The former Syracuse fullback, in his rookie season in the AFL, drove for 498 yards in 152 rushes to rank seventh among the leading ground gainers. In addition to his hard running ability, Baker contributed to the Bills' offense by his machine-like blocking, paving the way for big runs by fellow backs.
He averaged five yards per carry in three collegiate seasons with the Orange."

-1962 Fleer No. 12

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