Friday, December 4, 2015

1976 Profile: Jim Ringo

Offensive Line Coach
"When the Green Bay Packers were the terrors of professional football, Jim Ringo was the Pack's captain and center. An All-Pro eight times and an Pro Bowl choice ten times, Ringo played in three consecutive NFL championship games. He was a member of he Pack's 1961 and 1962 title teams. Over 14 years, Ringo appeared in 182 straight games, establishing a new NFL record for endurance. Traded by the Packers after 11 seasons, he played four years for the Philadelphia Eagles before retiring in 1967.
Ringo won All-East acclaim at Syracuse University where he was a center and linebacker under Ben Schwartzwalder, and played in the 1953 Orange Bowl game. A seventh round draft choice of the Packers, Ringo was a key figure in the franchise's rise from also-ran to champion. He was Green Bay captain for eight seasons and was named to the Packer Hall of Fame in 1973.
Ringo entered pro coaching with the Chicago Bears in 1969. After three seasons in Chicago, Lou Saban hired Ringo and charged him with development of the Bills' offensive line. The payoff to Ringo's two years of building came in 1973 when Buffalo cracked the NFL rushing record established by Miami in 1972 and became the first professional team ever to gain more than 3,000 yards on the ground."

-Buffalo Bills 1976 Yearbook

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