Thursday, December 10, 2015

1977 Profile: Bob Lustig

Vice-President and General Manager
"Bills Vice-President and General Manager Bob Lustig has been an associate of Owner Ralph Wilson since 1948. When Wilson became one of the original members of the newly-born American Football League in 1960, he entrusted Lustig with the responsibility for signing many of the players on the original Bills roster.
Four years later, Lustig was devoting himself full time to the Bills operation as a Vice-President. He took on the additional title of General Manager in 1967. In addition to directing the Buffalo organization's administrative, ticket and stadium operations, Lustig also represents the club at official League meetings and sits on the Board of Directors of National Football League Properties, Inc.
The Bills General Manager was a key figure in the drive for a new stadium to house Buffalo's NFL franchise- a dream finally realized in 1973 with the dedication of a magnificent 80,020-seat facility in Orchard, Park, New York.
'We built the stadium with the comfort of the fan as our foremost concern,' Lustig says. 'We feel we have the finest football facility in the league.'
For all of his present association with football, Lustig's first love was baseball- a sport he played on the American Legion level as a high school student in Detroit, and later as a student at the University of Detroit. His college career was interrupted by Army service in World War II, where he saw action in the European theatre as a member of the 104th Infantry Division. He returned to Detroit following the war to complete his college education, then went to work for the Ralph Wilson Agency."

-1977 Buffalo Bills Press-Radio-TV Yearbook

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